Thermal Images Are Only Half Of The Picture

Why does Panoptic Solutions go beyond the image?

It's the only way to determine the cause of the issue and start focusing on solutions.

The meta-data we capture during the inspection process is utilized in concert with the thermal image.

We collected this data and the image simultaneously. This gives our thermographers real-time information to use as a tool while interpreting the image. Upon analyzation of the above image there are several problems the client needs to address to avoid catastrophic failure:

  • The amperage in each phase is over the maximum allowed in the facilities design
  • There is a poor termination on the A Phase, causing a temperature gradient through the wire that is significantly higher than the other two Phases
  • The A Phase is out of balance with the other two phases while our goal is to keep them within a tolerance of one or two percent

The most significant problem with this in-feed is that 105° or even 112° F is not hot enough to be found by scanning in the traditional 135° F and above philosophy of some thermographers. It may look warm but it is not hot enough to be considered "critical." Most thermography programs would have missed this issue completely. This is what sets Panoptic Solutions apart from others in the industry. We go beyond thermal imaging to consolidate the information necessary for data center managers to provide their clients with an environment that truly delivers stability and confidence.