Our Process

We work with you to understand your needs:

Panoptic Solutions customizes our services to meet the needs of each client. From payment structures to field operations all the way to the final report, everything we do is built specifically for your facility. All testing and maintenance is completed on your schedule: we understand overnight shifts, blackout periods, and weather days. Our flexibility and customization are crucial to providing the highest quality services.

Highest possible standards:

Panoptic provides extensive training for each technician and thermographer we send into the field. Only qualified personnel are utilized when opening electrical panels and power system components. All procedures are approved by the client before we begin and we maintain constant contact throughout the maintenance as changes occur. Additionally, we encourage and initiate opportunities for feedback and review of all procedures, safety measures, and policies we utilize while on your site.

Employee Interaction
Taking time during each maintenance to stay focused on the client's goals and reevaluate each step of the plan is important to us.
Multiple Error Watchlist
This is an example of a watch list page from a report. Any devices with issues are clearly identified and separated from equipment that is functioning normally. The issues are also color-coded to make it easy to identify the severity of the problem, and our recommendation to correct the issue.

Our customized reports include both images and data:

We will create a final report for each client to review and archive once the maintenance has been completed. Reports consist of a straight-forward executive summary with an "action items" section to help you get right to the bottom line. While hundreds of pages and thousands of data points seem impressive, it's more important that the data is turned into information that allows you to easily see what needs to be fixed immediately and what should be added to a "watch list." Watch list items are tracked during our next several visits to your facility to identify trends with equipment to determine if repairs are needed. Finally, all reports can be delivered to you in any format, digital or physical.

Electrical and Mechanical Systems Verification

Our team is comfortable inspecting low, medium, and high voltage electrical systems. We look for physical damage as well as thermal irregularities. We can identify problems before wires get hot enough to melt their insulation or a breaker opens by looking for signs that many teams ignore until there is a catastrophic failure. We also inspect chillers, pumps, cooling towers, generators, and room cooling units. Additionally, we can assist in troubleshooting of equipment monitoring systems. A monitoring platform is not useful if it is not calibrated, not reading, or faulty in some other way. Our team plugs in to each unit to ensure you are receiving accurate information.