Our Specialty: Proactive Maintenance For Data Centers

The Panoptic team is highly experienced in data center environments:

Data Center Aisle
At Panoptic, our focus ranges from large data centers with 100,000's of square feet of production floor down to the most granular detail, such as a single hot wire in a panel of 42 breakers.
Critical Facilities
  • We focus on maximizing 9s - Our methods and procedures are crafted specifically for use in critical environments to minimize potential disruption to your clients. Our reports are formatted to provide you with triage-style support. Our insight will help you determine what needs to be fixed immediately to avoid an incident and what can wait until the next maintenance cycle.
  • Solutions-oriented - You can expect real-time, purposeful information from our reports. The meta-data we provide can be used to discover trends in equipment and software, preventing the circumstances that cause a down-time event before they result in an interruption.
  • We connect data center design with operations - Panoptic Solutions has experience commissioning data centers for end users, working with managers and operators from the first day they go live, and providing proactive maintenance for years of uninterrupted operation.
We have completed maintenances in facilities hosted by some of the world's largest operators including DuPont Fabros Technology, Microsoft, Rackspace, and Google

Beyond data centers, we have experience in:

  • Hospitals
    • Electrical systems, heating and cooling, generators, air flow, data servers
  • Universities
    • Power distribution, electrical systems, data servers
  • High Reliability Factory Systems
    • Redundant power systems, emergency power supply, distributing phasing
  • Large Commercial Buildings
    • Heating and cooling, electrical systems