Why the Bison

The American Bison (Bison bison) is important to Panoptic Solutions for a number of reasons. The majority of our staff are volunteers in a bison reintroduction project. The buffalo represents the Intelligence, Ability, and Diligence that are key to Panoptic Solutions. "Don't Get Buffaloed" is how we explain the value of using our highly detail-oriented services over others.

Panoptic Solutions staff volunteer at a Nature Conservancy prairie restoration project in central Illinois called Nachusa Grasslands, our board members have been key to the bison reintroduction project there. We have worked for the last 6 years to plan for and learn to operate a bison preserve, scrutinizing every detail; fence material forecasting, land impact studies, animal management methodology, and corral design. Our staff have visited other preserves to learn their processes, gone on roundups around the country, hung merciless miles of fence, and now we are among the few who are authorized to freely interact with the herd of over 70 animals in their 1,500-acre enclosure. We are very proud of our role in bringing these majestic animals back to Illinois for the first time in hundreds of years and the landmark moment in prairie restoration this represents.

The Bison

We are so keen on the bison because they play a capstone role in the prairie by keeping it in balance while normal cattle grazing destroys prairies. Bison tongues are more sensitive and flexible than those of cattle, allowing the bison to feed on fast-growing, abundant grass while grazing around other plants that are vital to the health of the prairie. Cattle are not able to differentiate the vegetation and would graze indiscriminately. Where bison walk and wallow they create disturbances which allow plants that repair the prairie to grow and act as a barrier to invasive weeds. We see our role in the critical operations marketplace to be much like that of the bison; carefully controlling risks which threaten the stability of the environment and, as we move about and find problems, creating disturbances in a way that protects the strength and stability of the environment.

This all leads us back to "not getting buffaloed." To be buffaloed is to be fooled, manipulated, or tricked by someone. There a number of service providers who offer planned maintenance support services to critical process owners/operators. Many of these providers are like cows on the prairie, not being careful enough to protect and balance the vital codependent ecosystem which critical designs represent.